1978-04-01 First Nonstop Fligth DC-9-41

SK673 Stockholm-Wien – FF19780401ARNVIE.

SK674 Wien-Stockholm – FF19780401VIEARN.

1978-04-06 First Flight B-747B Combi

SK945 Copenhagen-Chicago.
SK946 Chicago-Copenhagen.

1978-04-07 First Flight B-747B Combi

SK941 Copenhagen-Montreal-Chicago.
SK942 Chicago-Montrel-Copenhagen.

1978-04-30 First Flight Air France

Paris-Göteborg – FF1978-0403PARGOT?

Göteborg-Paris – FF19780403GOTPAR.

1978-05-24 First Flight DC-10-30

SK980 Narita (Tokyo)-Copenhagen.

1978-06-13 First Flight

SK297 Copenhagen-Reykjavik-Kulusuk.
SK298 Kulusuk-Reykjavik-Copenhagen.

1978-06-18 ABA SAS Stockholm London 50 årsjubileum

1978-09-02 Special Flight

SK764 Leipzig-Copenhagen.
Leipziger Herbstmesse.

1978-09-18 First Flight DC-8-62

SK787 Copenhagen-Athens-Jeddah.

1978-09-19 First Flight DC-8-62

SK788 Jeddah-Athens-Copenhagen.

1978-10-01 First Flight B747B Combi

SK916 New York-Oslo-Copenhagen.

1978-11-04 First Flight B747B Combi

SK908 New York-Oslo-Stockholm.

SK908 Oslo-Stockholm – FF19781105OSLARN.

1978-11-05 First Fligth B-747B Combi

SK907 Stockholm-Oslo-New York.

SK907 Stockholm-Oslo – FF19781105ARNOSL.

1978-12-17 75th Anniversary

The Wright Flyer (also known as the Kitty Hawk, Flyer I or the
1903 Flyer) made the first sustained flight by a manned
airplane on 17 December 1903. Invented and flown by Orville
and Wilbur Wright, it marked the beginning of the
pioneer era of aviation.