1983-01-08 First Flight DC-10-30

SK955 Copenhagen-Lisbon-Rio de Janeiro-Santiago de Chile.

1983-01-09 First Flight DC-10-30

SK956 Santiago de Chile-Rio de Janeiro-Lisbon-Copenhagen.

1983-03-27 First Non Stop Flight DC-9-41

SK558 Amsterdam-Göteborg.

SK558 Amsterdam-Göteborg – FF19830327AMSGOT.

1983-03-27 First Non Stop Flight DC-9-21

SK605 Stockholm-Zürich.

SK605 Stockholm-Zürich – FF19830327ARNZRH.
(Note: This DC-9-21 returned to Copenhagen as SK604.)

SK606 Zürich-Stockholm – FF19830327ZRHARN.

1983-03-27 First Direct Flight DC-9-21

SK707 Helsingfors-Stockholm-Göteborg.

SK707 Helsingfors-Göteborg – FF19830327HELGOT.

1983-03-27 First Flight


1983-03-28 First Direct Flight DC-9-41

SK555 (Stockholm)-Göteborg-Amsterdam

SK555 Göteborg-Amsterdam – FF19830324GOTAMS.
(Note: Local sector Stockholm-Göteborg used flight number 3555.)

1983-03-29 First Flight DC-9-41

SK747 Copenhagen-Budapest-Zagreb.
SK748 Zagreb-Budapest-Copenhagen.

1983-04-01 First Flight DC-9-41

SK742 Belgrade-Vienna-Copenhagen.

1983-04-01 First Flight DC-10-30

SK981 Copenhagen-Moscow-Tokyo.

SK981 Copenhagen-Moscow.

Feeder Mail from Sweden

Stockholm-Moskva FF19830410ARNMOW.

SK981 Copenhagen-Tokyo.

Feeder Mail from Sweden

Stockholm-Tokyo FF19830410ARNTYO.

Feeder Mail from Norway

1983-04-02 First Flight DC-10-30

SK982 Tokyo-Moscow-Copenhagen.

SK982 Tokyo-Copenhagen.

SK982 Moscow-Copenhagen.

Transit Mail to Sweden

Tokyo-Stockholm – FF1930402TYOARN.

1983-05-27 First DC-10 Non Stop Flight

SK904 New York-Stockholm.

SK904 New York-Stockholm – FF19830527JFKARN.

1983-05-28 First DC-10 Non Stop Flight

SK903 Stockholm-New York.

SK903 Stockholm-New York – FF19830528ARNJFK.

1983-08-15 First Flight A300

SK965 Copenhagen-Athens-Jeddah-Dar es Salam.

1983-09-26 First Flight A300

SK965 Copenhagen-Jeddah.

1983-11-01 First Nonstop Flight DC-9-41

SK580 Lisbon-Copenhagen.

McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 LN-RKB

Crash wreckage of a Scandinavian Airlines System McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 LN-RKB after runway overrun on Runway 04R at John F. Kennedy International Airport. No-one was killed and the aircraft repaired. The logo on the vertical stabilizer and the flags on the aft exit were censored (even though the logo on engine 2 was left.